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The Chevy!

Whispers of the Chevy Chase
Brightens eyes and heartbeat pace
Adrenaline surges and muscles tingle
Joyful anticipation jumps and nerves jingle

Preparing and planning for the Fells
Imagining each colour, sound and smell
Horizon-distant soft folding landscape
Hard-by harsh peat hags defying escape

Waist high bracken brushes along
Harthope burn bubbles in song
Eyes rove ahead to upcoming heath
Feet in cool mosses squelching beneath

Solitude holds the flat black summit
Time will tell if the Trig point plummets
Created in fire and carved out in ice
The Cheviot stands proud to entice
Runners and walkers who lust for the race,
Onward from Broadhope, bring on the Chevy Chase!


Andrea Clarke
PB Fitness Running Club

Produced by Iconikdesign