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Dancing Over Cheviot

Today, side by side, moving at pace,
Let’s circle together over Cheviot’s broad face;
Its slopes, hollows, mounds,
Our partners all the way.

From Mounthooly to Dunsdale,
We’ll weave and glide upward, over and round,
A skip and a hop where rough heathers rise,
A leap and a bound where peat bogs lie.

Step for step, stride for stride, roving at will,
Pausing and turning to gather the view,
Shine and shadow brushing the ground,
Bedazzling our eyes.

Shoulder to shoulder,
Hearts beating in rhythm,
We’ll float on effortlessly on a sail of friendship;
Spirits singing, light as a breeze,
Enjoying the air deliciously cool,
While we gambol keenly
Across the hill’s wide empty stage.

Though older and wearing,
A zest for adventure remains yet in our veins,
All from a love of childhood games;
The race, the chaser, the climb the ride,
Hide and seek, swing and slide:
So let’s dance over Cheviot springing with glee,
On legs strong and sprightly,
Unfettered, this far, by the ties of age.

Noel Hodgson


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